Looking Around

by: Vincent

‘Remedios Circle’ is down the street from where we’re currently staying with Carlos Celdran (host, tour guide, artist). Just checking out the area where we’ve been for about a week.

It’s a whole different world.


Pride, Shame, and WWII @ Transitio Manila 2010

by alex

Tomorrow (Sat 27 February), Vince and I are showing a film we shot specifically for premiere at Transitio Manila 2010.  [*Some of the photos I shot for this can be seen in this post.]  This is an annual event put together by Carlos Celdran to remember World War Two in Manila, it combines his popular historical tour of Intramuros with an art festival in historic Fort Santiago.   Continue reading

Thoughts about People Power…

by alex

So yesterday was the 24th anniversary of the People Power “Revolution” of 1986.

I remember it pretty well for someone who was 10 and living in Markham, Ontario at the time.  What I remember was that my Dad called home from work after I got back from school to tell me to record the news for him so he could watch it when he got back from his job as a clerk at Ontario Hydro.

We had the most high-tech of systems at the time, a Betamax video player/recorder with a ‘remote control’ that was attached to the system via a long cord.  I had to do the same thing when Ninoy had died a couple years back (and also to record the world premiere of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”).   Continue reading

THE RIDE OVER (coming to Philippines)

by Vincent

Immersion. You gotta be in it to know it, whatever that ‘it’ may be. To immerse oneself is to realize what something is really about. I once read that to realize is on a whole different tip then just understanding. Tagalog words of the day, Marunong “to know” vs Intindihan “to understand”. When you understand, you get it intellectually. But to realize is to have a 3-dimensional experience of it; a mental, emotional, and physical moment for yourself. It’s the example of driving a car. Everyone understands the idea of a driver behind the wheel, but when you’re the one powering down the road in that 2-ton vehicle, something clicks, and you say to yourself “oh, that’s what it’s like”. IF you don’t do it, or live it, you don’t know it.   Continue reading

Our Journey is Your Journey…

by alex

The flight over was uneventful, except that again I didn’t get any sleep… not til the last leg (Tokyo to Manila) at least. So basically in my tired stupor I had a lot of time to think about what was to come.

This project marks the first time I got an art grant, so I should probably explain the concept we came up with a little bit.  The starting point was basically a seemingly simple question:

What would our lives be like if our parents and/or ourselves didn’t migrate to Canada? (I personally came over with my parents when I was two years old.) Continue reading


by Vincent

Talking about possibilities and potential adventure has taken up years of my life. What if this, what if that. There’s no denying I’m a dreamer. But over the years of making real projects, something happened. The dreams became reality, and the bigger dreams suddenly weren’t so far out of reach.

Awareness of Filipino life & culture is on the cusp of cracking the popular media surface. From the global existence of the masses to the single human stories of struggle and triumph, resilience and joy. I just want to be a part of the process.

I’ve been to the Philippines before, on a whirlwind tour of great sights, places and faces. But honestly, I kinda feel like with this new found sense of purpose and discovery, wanting to immerse myself in the world of Filipino living, in a way I’ll be going back to the Philippines… for the first time.