Pride, Shame, and WWII @ Transitio Manila 2010

by alex

Tomorrow (Sat 27 February), Vince and I are showing a film we shot specifically for premiere at Transitio Manila 2010.  [*Some of the photos I shot for this can be seen in this post.]  This is an annual event put together by Carlos Celdran to remember World War Two in Manila, it combines his popular historical tour of Intramuros with an art festival in historic Fort Santiago.  

As Carlos writes in his blog:

This February 27th, To mark the 56th Anniversary of the Battle of Manila,Intramuros Administration and Carlos Celdran, will present the 2nd TRANSITIO MANILA 1945. This art event hopes to become an annual commemoration/memorial where we as Manilenos may reflect upon the passing of this event in our history. The evening will start with a sunset fundraiser tour of Intramuros at 6:30. Art installations and performances will follow at the Fort Santiago at 8:30pm. The evening will be highlighted by the release of spirit balloons by the gates of Fort Santiago.

(from an article in Business World newspaper, 26 Feb)

Our work combines video, photography, and music.  In it we ask Filipino-Canadians:

– to write on a white board something that they are either proud of or ashamed of about being Filipino or the culture [*some of these images are in this blog post];

– whether they feel a connection to the Philippines and why;

– and as the festival is about WWII, whether they had any family stories from the war they could share.

It should be an interesting show, wish you guys in Canada were here to watch the premiere with us!



  1. I love these pictures!!!! Kapisanan represent

  2. aw how wonderful!

  3. i wish we could be there too! let us know how it goes!

  4. This is magnificent. Puts a smile on my face.

  5. Haha, this is absolutely inspiring.. I really like this! thanks Alex, can’t wait to see you again.

  6. thanks guys! it went well yest, we may be showing it again soon in other places in Manila as well…

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