Looking Around

by: Vincent

‘Remedios Circle’ is down the street from where we’re currently staying with Carlos Celdran (host, tour guide, artist). Just checking out the area where we’ve been for about a week.

It’s a whole different world.



  1. what is that toy the kids are playing? is it a motorized skateboard?

    “like, what are they doing here? it is a thursday afternoon, shouldnt they be in school? or something? i don’t know.”


    that altercation at the end between the girl and the boy is funny too. haha. little drama action.

  2. Basically they’re like two wheeled skateboards. I’ve been wondering what those things are too and why there are so many. They must have been donated or something…

    Next time I’m there I’ll ask one of the kids…

  3. I saw an advertisement of it a long time ago. It’s actually a Japanese-made skateboard, one of those innovative creations of the Japanese to make skateboarding easier. Looking at this video, I’m amazed at how advance technology is now in the Philippines in terms of regular toys played by children. I used to just play with tops (made of guava branches and a simple nail), guava sticks to play “siatong”, ‘tirador” (made of rubber and guava branches as well), cigarette wrappers to play “taksi” along with a flat piece of stone, rubber band elastics to play “dampa”, “bahay kubo” from scrap woods and etc. I could go on and on. This was in the province however, where kids play in the neighbourhood and have to be more creative. City kids are different I should say.

    This video portrays colonial mentality at it’s best.

  4. actually kids still play with tops like you describe (my god daughter was when we went to quiapo), it’s just these kids at Remedios that had these skateboard things….

  5. Nice to hear Kuya A. I thought everything Pinoy na laruan wala na. Pinalitan na ng video games and skateboard. Sad.

  6. Why do I know that those skateboard-like toys are called “RIP STICKS”?

    Oh wait because I want one.

  7. Any yo-yos? I believe they were originally from the Philippines. Initially a martial art tool. A little Balikbayan trivia. 😉

  8. Sorry, just watched this. March is the start of school summer vacation, which explains why kids were just playing. I had no idea that their using this new “snakeboard.” It’s quite expensive but I think we have cheaper brands here.

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