by Vincent

the group gathers for the tour start, photo by a.felipe

Transitio, a celebration where the world comes together. Well where various travelers, balikbayans, and Filipinos living in and around Manila come together to commemorate the end days of World War II in the Philippines. The event starts out with taking a large number of people through an amazing tour of the Intramurous area of Manila, and then ends at Fort Santiago with numerous performances, readings, art pieces, and installations on display. Carlos Celdran is the veteran tour guide and mastermind behind this well attended event. I have to say that I really admire and respect the work of Carlos and his tours. I find that his tours allow people to see an aged city in a brand new light, and I really dig that. People tonight came from all over, like Germany, Canada, Israel, and U.S. to name a few of the foreign countries I saw being represented.

arriving at the steps, photo by a.felipe

taking a side seat, photo by a.felipe

a break from photo-documenting, photo by v.galvez

in the tombs of St.Augustine Church, photo by v.galvez

learning about the americans, by v.galvez

This was the event that we were able to showcase our documentary film, exploring the ideas and stories of Filipinos living in Canada. There’s something very cool about flying to the other side of the globe and having your work seen by a brand new audience not normally exposed to what we do.

chilling after exhibition set up, photo by a.felipe

pumped for the show, photo by v.galvez

Our project was a bit of us representing Canadian Filipinos to the part of Manila society that is into the arts and culture scene. Combining photography with video images, we got to share how Filipinos living in and around Toronto Canada felt about their connections back home (if they felt any), as well as share any world war II family stories (if they had any to share).  CLICK HERE  for some sample photos.

audience members taking in the show, photo by v.galvez

We got some pretty cool handshakes and highfives from some of the people who got to see the film. I hope this is one of many projects that we’ll be able to produce and share, in this place we call our home away from home.

checking the work, photo by a.felipe

checking the frame, photo by v.galvez


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