The Manny Pacquiao Phenomenon


the morning complimentary meal choices where i watched the Vincent

Fried food is coming, the beer is flowing, it’s just before 11am, and the wait for the hero to arrive is well underway. Troy Aiken an American NFL sports hero is watching, so that brings up the question, “who else is watching”?  American icons watching the boxing pride of our people. Pacman brings Filipinos into the world spotlight, as the world pays attention to Filipinos as powerful skilled warriors. And if Manny can be viewed as strong, so too can we be considered, coming from the same country (if you feel that sort of thing), and dang it if that doesn’t help you feel a bit of pinoy pride in your heart.

complimentary breakfast served with ticket purchase, unlimited rice and eggs, yum.


After 3 hours of undercard waiting, the event has arrived. You gotta love the people cheering, every time they see a glimpse of Manny on the screen, whether it’s him stepping out of the car with his beautiful wife, or stretching in the change room, or being prayed over by his support team. When he’s on screen, the people cheer.

The people cheering for their hero.


It’s Sunday morning, and I sit alone in a room full of people, seeing others also half asleep from their activities of the night before. I myself went out to metrowalk with the family last night and am a bit on the sleepy side. I should be more awake soon, hopefully the fried food won’t slow the waking process.

Some are awake, some power-nap before the fight.


Some fried breakfast, a few glasses of iced tea, some water and a cup of coffee, and I’m awake ready to go for the main event. It starts… Boxing montage everyone pumped up, ‘this is sport, this is war, this is legendary, this is boxing’, the fighters enter, let the games begin.

the view from where Alex was watching the match. (video still from A.felipe)


And then it happens. Manny dominates the match against Clottey. Clottey barely puts up a fight keeping his guard up for the majority of the bout. Manny plays with Clottey with a double fist taunting attack. Not a real attack, just a playful “come on let’s go” kind of jab. The match ends, and Manny wins with a unanimous decision from the judges. People are happy that their hero has delivered yet again, but there’s a bit of disappointment in the air. No major knock downs or power hits really occurred during the match, nothing to really scream and jump around about anyway. But regardless, Manny got to show yet again, that champions can come from the Philippines, as he clearly represented at this event.

Where I watched the fight. Owned by a friend I met in Corregidor.

The spot in Q.C. I watched the fight. Owned by a friend I made in Corregidor. Very cool spot.


To follow up, yesterday we got a chance to actually see Manny in person at the Mall of Asia where he did a welcome back appearance. And the crowd went wild, as we would expect that they should. He’s a very cool and humble dude, and yet he’s a total monster fighter in the ring. When it comes to Filipinos in general, I know we’re often looked upon as unassuming nice people, but as most of us know, there’s always a deeper person lurking underneath the courteous surface, whoever that may be. I think it’s cool that Manny represents this aspect of Filipinos on a global scale. He’ll walk into the ring with smile on his face, but when the bell rings, you’ll want to be outside the ring cheering for him, rather then the opponent standing in front of him with Manny’s skillful fists flying at ya. Good times Manny, keep up the reppin’ for the nation. Wonder if the Mayweather bout will ever happen.

similar signs posted all over manila, promoting their showing of the fight.


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  1. Hi vince we miss you !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Make sure you bring a wife when you come back ???????


    Tita Mela

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