Inside Quiapo

by alex

This is an unedited vid from a few weeks back.  We were with Kuya Maki of the children’s org we did some volunteering with last month and he took us to his families place down a small alleyway off one of the inner streets.

Quiapo is one of the ‘go to’ places for anyone who visits Manila.  It’s one of the religious hearts of the city with Quiapo Basilica (home of the said-to-be-miraculous Black Nazarene), a Muslim mosque, and countless fortune-tellers and herbal potion vendors.  And it’s always been a special place for me because I have family that are street vendors here.

Quiapo is also one of those places I know people are freaked out visiting.  People are always telling other balikbayans not to go alone, and to be careful, and to have a guide.  To me that’s always been unnecessary paranoia.  Of course as a marketplace you have to be careful of the usual market dangers (pick-pocketing, scams, etc.) but it’s not really all that dangerous from my point of view.

photo by k.ancheta

Just don’t be a fool and you’ll be ok.  Carry your bag out front, and be attentive of your surroundings.

But I get it.  There’s alot of people–no let’s make that more plain: there’s alot of lower income people here, and alot of tight alleys, and I know that makes most people, most people with money, nervous.

Try not to be.  […and try to come to grips with the real reasons you’re so afraid, you can do it, just be honest with yourself…]

The people of Quiapo are good people.  Hell, a good number of them are my relatives.  Don’t prejudge, treat people decently, and don’t be a mayabang balikbayan and you’ll be ok.  And you’ll learn something about Manila and it’s people along the way.

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See a photo essay I did on the Quiapo Fiesta here:

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  1. Oh my God! I love Vinces expression!

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