Characters, legends, and imagery here.


photo by: A.Felipe, Me and the giant Tribesmen Statue


by vincent

It’s been a while since I posted. I’ve really just been in a place where I’ve been taking everything in. I guess like I said before, it’s interesting to be exposed to various art work and character depictions of Filipinos, that I would never be exposed to if I wasn’t here. In some ways it’s a bit overwhelming, unnerving, unsettling, and at the same time it’s brilliant, exciting, and overall amazing. The uncomfortable feelings come from the notion I instantly feel by saying to myself “why have I never seen or heard about this before?!” and then the good time feelings sprout up with “whoa, this is frickin cool, I want to know more about it!”


photo by: V.Galvez. statue of Rajah Sulaiman, who was King of Maynila when the Spanish arrived


Growing up, I learned so much about Greek legends, Roman chronicles, Chinese folktales, Japanese myths, European mythological stories of all kinds, and even South American tales of folklore. I grew up being a huge fan of stories from those worlds, but of course you can only be a fan of things you know to exist. When it comes to traditional Filipino stories, my exposure growing up in Canada was limited, meaning almost non-existent.


photo by: V.Galvez, Lapu lapu stands tall in Luneta Park


And I don’t think it’s due to a lack of that material being available, as I’ve seen the tons of books and resources on Filipino based Epics, Myths, legends, folktales, proverbs, riddles, etc… that exist here. It was just never put in front of me personally to appreciate. I guess I find it curious that neither my parents, nor aunts or uncles, or any other older relatives ever mentioned to me richness of the strong characters and stories that exist in our shared heritage. But that’s just the way it goes sometimes. If I want to learn about something, then I have to go out myself and see what it’s about.


photo by: V.Galvez, Gabriela Silang rides high in Makati, she's the first Filipina to lead revolt against Spain


Being here has really allowed me the opportunity to see into the rich deep pool that is Filipino stories and characters of old. And I gotta say, that there’s definitely some crazy cool legends and true stories here, that can match up to and even rival the best of tales, that other parts of the world have to offer.


photo by: V.Galvez, a bust of Datu Ache in Luneta Park



photo by: V.Galvez, a bust of Datu Taupan in Luneta Park



A book I bought of comic book images inspired by Filipino Heroism. Amazing art inside.



Sample of the art in the book, this one done by Lan Medina. So talented these peeps!



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  1. what I find interesting about alot of statues to our heroes here in the Phils is how they are often so incorrectly portrayed, or the irony of the portrayal. For example of Sulayman and Lapu-lapu: they’re almost always shirtless when in truth they would have been very well dressed and clad in gold. See:

    Another example: I was just in Pangasinan and saw a few busts of heroes there and they were all painted to have white skin!

    And the statue of Gabriela in Makati is awesome for it’s irony. A female leader of the fight against colonials in the modern centre of neo-colonialism. And she’s leading a charge towards the Peninsula Hotel, site of the last attempted overthrow of the gov here in the Phils…

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