Trailer for Documentary

by: Vincent

Here’s a trailer from the main documentary.


The sites, the art, the people and really being here.

by Vincent

photo by: V.Galvez, Leaving Baguio for Manila


I haven’t written anything down in a few weeks. Thoughts here and there, but nothing too substantial. I realize there’s been an internal struggle that I’ve been trying to make sense of. Riding the constantly changing waves of life and energy that flow to me and through me. Being in the cool air of Baguio, the caves and mountains of Sagada, the traffic of Manila, the streets of Quezon City, the markets of Quiapo, the sites of Bataan, the organic farms of Los Banos. Seeing the museums, cemeteries, churches, houses, malls, neighborhoods rich and poor. Philippines is vast and wide, varied and complex.

I guess I’ve just been searching for something to speak to me…

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