Principle Photography is Complete—Now What?!?

by alex

We got through principle photography without killing each other. Awesome. (photo by dyan ruiz)

So Vince and I are done principle photography on our documentary.  But we still have two months left on our trip.  Now what? Continue reading


Characters, legends, and imagery here.


photo by: A.Felipe, Me and the giant Tribesmen Statue


by vincent

It’s been a while since I posted. I’ve really just been in a place where I’ve been taking everything in. I guess like I said before, it’s interesting to be exposed to various art work and character depictions of Filipinos, that I would never be exposed to if I wasn’t here. In some ways it’s a bit overwhelming, unnerving, unsettling, and at the same time it’s brilliant, exciting, and overall amazing. The uncomfortable feelings come from the notion I instantly feel by saying to myself “why have I never seen or heard about this before?!” and then the good time feelings sprout up with “whoa, this is frickin cool, I want to know more about it!” Continue reading

Guide to the Elections

by alex

I thought I’d share this great little concise guide to the elections I got from IBON the other day with you guys.

If you’re like me, Philippine politics can be a little daunting and confusing a topic.  I know I’m not the only one a little curious about it.   Continue reading

“Why Are You So Dark?”

by alex

In front of a really f*cked up ad for some kind of skin whitener. (photo by k.ancheta)

In a family bathroom I recently found a bar of soap that featured “WHITENING EXTRACTS” (caps theirs), that would apparently “reveal the whiter skin that glows with health.”

Later that night Vince was asked “Why are you so dark?” by a well-meaning friend of a friend.

Sigh. Continue reading

Inside Quiapo

by alex

This is an unedited vid from a few weeks back.  We were with Kuya Maki of the children’s org we did some volunteering with last month and he took us to his families place down a small alleyway off one of the inner streets.

Continue reading

Religion, the Farming Felipe’s, and an Empty Manila Hotel

by alex

Standing in a dry creek that runs through dry farmland. (Tarlac)

It was a weekend of contrasts.  I’ve been doing alot of contrasts lately.

It was a weekend where I saw people beating themselves bloody for Jesus, met my paternal grandfather’s side of the family (who were mostly landless farmers), found out that a distant cousin committed suicide, and then returned to the city for a get-togther in the newly renovated, and super swank, and super empty, Manila Hotel. Continue reading

Overnight in a Jeepney, to an Evening in a BMW…

by alex

In many ways I am still reeling from my day yesterday.—just wait til you see the footage in our doc in this summer’s Kultura Festival in Toronto.

The many many mosquito bites I have on my arms and legs remind me of sleeping on a table in a dusty open air jeepney depot in Novaliches, Quezon City documenting the very simple life of one driver.  I spent the next morning (yesterday) with the driver, and by the evening I was having a beer by a pool in Alabang, the premiere gated community for the Manila elite. Continue reading

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