Goodbye Manila…

by alex

[*note: I have a bit of a backlog of stuff I want to write about from the past bit, but that will have to wait for the weeks ahead.  This weeks been way too busy to get any writing done!]

It’s been four and a bit months now and it’s time to go back to Toronto…

I’m ready to head back, there’s a lot of work to be done to get this exhibition together in time for Kultura 2010.  I was looking through my collection of photos and vids the other day and damn, there’s a ton of stuff to go through, select, and edit.  And as always, my mind shifts once it knows it’s time to move on. Continue reading


Principle Photography is Complete—Now What?!?

by alex

We got through principle photography without killing each other. Awesome. (photo by dyan ruiz)

So Vince and I are done principle photography on our documentary.  But we still have two months left on our trip.  Now what? Continue reading

Inside Quiapo

by alex

This is an unedited vid from a few weeks back.  We were with Kuya Maki of the children’s org we did some volunteering with last month and he took us to his families place down a small alleyway off one of the inner streets.

Continue reading

Overnight in a Jeepney, to an Evening in a BMW…

by alex

In many ways I am still reeling from my day yesterday.—just wait til you see the footage in our doc in this summer’s Kultura Festival in Toronto.

The many many mosquito bites I have on my arms and legs remind me of sleeping on a table in a dusty open air jeepney depot in Novaliches, Quezon City documenting the very simple life of one driver.  I spent the next morning (yesterday) with the driver, and by the evening I was having a beer by a pool in Alabang, the premiere gated community for the Manila elite. Continue reading

A Cemetery Adventure

by alex

It ended with us in interrogation.  Apparently they didn’t much appreciate outsiders seeing (let alone shooting photos and vids of) the random bits of human remains just lying about.   Continue reading


by Vincent

the group gathers for the tour start, photo by a.felipe

Transitio, a celebration where the world comes together. Well where various travelers, balikbayans, and Filipinos living in and around Manila come together to commemorate the end days of World War II in the Philippines. The event starts out with taking a large number of people through an amazing tour of the Intramurous area of Manila, and then ends at Fort Santiago with numerous performances, readings, art pieces, and installations on display. Carlos Celdran is the veteran tour guide and mastermind behind this well attended event. I have to say that I really admire and respect the work of Carlos and his tours. I find that his tours allow people to see an aged city in a brand new light, and I really dig that. People tonight came from all over, like Germany, Canada, Israel, and U.S. to name a few of the foreign countries I saw being represented. Continue reading

International Women’s Day in Manila

by alex

Today (8 March) was International Women’s Day.  I attended the rally in Manila and made my first attempt at editing a short video seen below.

I believe that it is important for us Filipino-Canadian youth to connect to the struggles in our homeland.  A very important part of that movement is the women’s sector.

Continue reading

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